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 Case Studies







 "With over 600,000 members, Microsoft has the biggest partner ecosystem in the world. The full potential can be realized when relationships between independent software vendors, systems integrators, consulting and technology partners are developed to deliver better solutions in new markets to more customers.

To enable our ISVs to realize their full potential, we have engaged AIM International to build the Microsoft Cross-Border program. Utilizing its extensive international expansion and channel development experience, AIM has developed outstanding content that is available for our program, and it enables ISVs to assess their international expansion readiness and guides them with insights and best practices. 


AIM also packaged a set of practical business development assistance services that can effectively accelerate ISVs’ success in new markets. AIM’s depth of knowledge and quality of content has been an asset to us throughout."


Brett Shoemaker

Director, Worldwide ISV Go-To-Market Services, Microsoft


"Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) was founded as a non-profit association in 1927, to inform, advise and guides SMEs from Switzerland in their international business ventures in line with Swiss government’s foreign policy. S-GE works through local Business Hubs to deliver business development expertise with the aid of in-country experts.

Switzerland Global Enterprise engaged AIM International to assist an internet security client to identify and connect with potential partners for its solution. AIM reviewed the company’s partner materials and assisted it in filling gaps in partner and customer messaging and content. AIM also identified and profiled more than 100 potential partners and contacted them to set up partnering discussions. The assistance provided to the company has served to better prepare the company for its US market expansion and to accelerate their partner recruitment. The feedback we received from the client company has been excellent and we will be utilizing AIM's expertise for future clients."

Christoph Besmer

Trade Commissioner, Swiss Business Hub USA,

"Invest NI, the lead Development Agency in Northern Ireland, through its Trade team, developed and funded a program to assist companies supplying into the Global Sports sector to gain sales in export markets. 

Through a framework of consultants in the US, AIM International was engaged to assist STATsports to research and approach College Football Teams in the US with a view to demonstrating their Viper GPS athlete monitoring technology. 

AIM developed a great methodology and a practical hands-on approach to deliver excellent contacts and demonstration opportunities for the client. 

Eleanor Butterwick

Manager, Trade Development Services, Invest Northern Ireland


"STATsports is the world’s leading athlete performance monitoring and analysis provider in elite sports. Having secured many of the most recognizable sports teams in Europe as customers, we turned our focus to addressing the immense opportunity for our technology in North America. At Invest Northern Ireland’s recommendation, we engaged AIM International to help us define the opportunity, qualify interest in our technology and arrange sales appointments with potential clients. 

AIM did a fantastic job in identifying and profiling fifty colleges that fit our ideal customer profile, calling them to evangelize our company and technology, qualifying their interest through individual interviews and setting up sales demonstrations that kept our sports scientists occupied non-stop. 

We were impressed by AIM’s ability to learn about our technology and build a story around it that would peak clients’ interest. The ability to get to key people and convince them to meet with us was invaluable. The added value provided by AIM’s insights on the market, competitors, our target clients and new opportunities arising out of real-time events was also appreciated. Overall, AIM exceeded our expectations." 

Paul Johnston

General Manager,  Statsports 

"McLane Global Logistics Technology develops solutions for supply chain management based on over 100 years' experience in the industry. We engaged AIM International to build our global partner program and to assist us in recruiting partners.

AIM developed for us a very comprehensive and immensely compelling partner program that we could immediately take to potential partners around the world. AIM also assisted us with international introductions that were highly valuable. Overall the works done by AIM was outstanding."

Terry Shook

VP of Business Development, McLane Global Logistics Technology


"One of our biggest challenges and opportunities is to help Microsoft Dynamics ISVs to scale out their businesses through the Microsoft ecosystem. To do so, Microsoft has engaged AIM (AEUSA International Marketing) to develop a structured, repeatable and scalable process which results in our ISVs more effectively, prospecting, recruiting, activating and growing their reseller channels. 


We chose AIM for this work because of its international experience, in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics business and its partner to partner channel building expertise. The feedback from our participating ISVs has been excellent. We are confident in our selection of AIM for this specialized work and for any ISV looking to grow its business in North America and internationally." 


Darlene Perfetto
Senior Director, Dynamics ISV Business Development, Microsoft



“At Invensys, we have ambitious growth plans for our manufacturing and asset management solutions. To help us develop our go to market strategies and focus our investments, we turned to AIM International to develop a three year global expansion business plan.


Consequently, AIM built a tailored end-to-end plan that included the specific market opportunity by country for each of both our solutions, pinpointing where our future growth will come from, developing the strategies and tactics to realize this growth and identifying partners with vertical market expertise to sell through internationally. AIM’s insights and experience were invaluable in achieving the results, providing us with an excellent plan that aligns our organizations and is immediately executable.”


Kathleen Regan

Microsoft Alliance Director, Invensys



“To-Increase is a global provider of business solutions for mid-market construction, manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services companies. Over 1,000 clients depend on To-Increase solutions for their business-critical operations every day. We needed to build a structured, scalable partner program to enable us to ramp up our growth through partners. We chose AIM for this work on Microsoft’s recommendation and because of its demonstrated knowledge in partner channel building.


As a result, we now have the processes and tools that enable us to focus and align our organization to drive better engagement with partners across the entire life-cycle. Partners are already seeing a new level of preparedness and professionalism from us. AIM did an outstanding job in combining our industry specific needs with its own experience to build a tailored program that we can immediately apply towards driving new revenues.”


Luciano Cunha

Regional Director – Americas, To Increase



“Metafile is the market leader in content management solutions with over 20 years in the market, serving more than 3,500 clients. We saw an opportunity to accelerate our growth by integrating our solution, Metaviewer, with Microsoft Dynamics and marketing it through the Microsoft partner channel. This is a strategic initiative for our company because this market represents a “green fields” opportunity for us as there are no comparable solutions available.


We recognized that to build a new partner channel quickly and effectively, we needed specialized expertise that knew the Microsoft ecosystem and could deliver results based on proven experience. We engaged AIM to develop our partner program, identify potential partners and help us recruit an experienced partner manager. AIM used its proven methodologies to design a partner program tailored to our specific needs. AIM’s knowledge of Microsoft, its partners and how to position our solution has been invaluable and our new partners are giving us excellent feedback.”


Nick Sprau

VP Marketing, Metafile



"Following the success of our partner program in the United States, we asked AIM International to assist us with our international expansion – beginning with Australia.


AIM developed a detailed Australian market opportunity assessment which built the business case for our expansion. From this we found out where to focus our efforts geographically and which industries to prioritize. AIM also identified and qualified a pool of potential partners from which three were recruited to resell our Metaviewer solution.


Throughout this project we felt that AIM in Australia was an extension of our US team, doing the due diligence to ensure these new partners would commit to drive our mutual success. We are very pleased with the outcomes and are looking to AIM to assist us in other parts of the world."


Nick Sprau

VP Marketing, Metafile



"Hoover’s is the world’s largest provider of business insight on industries, companies and executives. We saw an opportunity to dramatically expand our market penetration by integrating access to our database with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then recruiting Microsoft partners to sell our solution, Access Hoover’s,  with every CRM system. 


We engaged AIM to develop our partner program to enable us to scale out our partner recruitment and activation at an accelerated rate with quality and professionalism. Applying its extensive channel building expertise and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft partners, AIM delivered outstanding results; providing us with the roadmap and tools to build a partner channel that has the industry knowledge, technical competency and motivation to grow our business." 


Heidi Tucker

Vice President, Business Development, Hoover's, Inc.



"CareWorks is a health and human services software company with 12 years’ experience and an unrivalled understanding of the revolution taking place in the funding and management of social services. Our on-premise and SaaS solution is in use by more than 70 customers. Following our success in the UK, we have decided to expand into the United States to address a much larger market opportunity.


We turned to AIM to help us develop our strategy for market entry and growth through partners. Consequently, AIM helped us build the partner program, sales model, business terms and partner value propositions which we are now using to recruit new partners.


Unlike many management consulting firms who offer advice but leave the work for the client to do, AIM not only provided us with US market insights and guidance but also impressed us by the structure, thoroughness and detail of the program and materials they developed - which we could immediately put to use to get faster results. AIM did an outstanding job."


Michael Dolan

Managing Director, Careworks



“I was very impressed by the level of thought and detail that went into creating our new Partner Program. The structure, processes, and resources defined across the entire partner life cycle was of immediate benefit in our efforts to recruit new partners and re-energize existing ones.  AIM did an outstanding job.”


Randy Keith

President and CEO, Serenic Software



“Keyora is the leading provider of e-business solutions to retailers, distributors and manufacturers who depend on Microsoft Dynamics AX for their ERP needs. We have been growing organically, mainly through client referrals, but recognized that building an effective partner channel could accelerate this growth substantially. Our business was at a point where we were ready to scale and we recognized that we needed a more consistent approach for dealing with the top partners in the Microsoft channel.  


AIM took on the project entirely; promptly developing the structure, business terms, messaging and tools we needed to start recruiting and activating partners immediately. AIM’s insights and experience proved to be a key source of value without which we simply could not have done this work ourselves. With AIM’s help, we are now reaching new partners with more credibility and greater professionalism. The results have exceeded our expectations.”


Jamie Lippay

CEO, Keyora Inc.



“Atrion International is the world’s leading product compliance solutions provider to the formula based process manufacturing industry. With new international regulatory compliance requirements coming into force, we saw an opportunity to rapidly grow our business globally through partners who can scale out our customer reach and implementation capabilities -without substantially increasing our direct costs.  


While we already had some components for engaging partners, we recognized that to build a scalable partner channel would require a comprehensive partner program. We engaged AIM to do this work because of their demonstrated knowledge in building partner channels which we did not possess internally.


AIM worked closely with the Atrion team to learn about our business and to develop a completely tailored program that spans our diverse partner types; VARs, OEMs, SIs and alliance partners. AIM did an outstanding job, saving us at least 6 months work and enabling us to recruit revenue generating partners sooner and more effectively.”  


Joe Cella

Vice President, Marketing & Partner Programs, Atrion International Inc.



"Tensoft is a market leading solution provider for the high–tech industry. We needed to move our Partner Program to a higher level.  Working with AIM we were able to fully profile our ideal strategic partners, build out the market, return information for this partner profile, and then smoothly move into partner recruitment. 


We wanted to expect more from our strategic partners, and for them to expect more from us. We now have the tools, collateral, and approach to make our new Program a success which has already resulted in the addition of two new high quality partners.  AIM’s knowledge and contributions have been huge throughout this process.”


Bob Scarborough

President, Tensoft Inc.



“Celenia Software specializes in providing Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM technical services to Microsoft and Microsoft partners globally. We had seen a major opportunity to diversify our services by offering them to Microsoft Dynamics ISVs.


We engaged AIM to develop a portfolio of packaged services, value propositions and marketing materials that would be compelling to ISVs. Utilizing its in depth knowledge of ISVs, Microsoft and resellers, AIM did an outstanding job in delivering high quality results that have been instrumental in us addressing new opportunities.”


Karina Nielsen

President, Celenia Software



“As the leading EDI solution provider in the Microsoft Dynamics GP market we saw a major opportunity in expanding our solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX to address larger clients and international markets.


We engaged AIM to help us search for and prioritize Microsoft Dynamics AX partners that could enable us to realize this opportunity. AIM delivered by identifying more than 100 partners that we didn’t know existed. This market intelligence has been the key to helping us to reach new customers and markets."


Bill Knapp

President, vSync



“AVFconsulting is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has developed IP tailored to the needs of the K-12 education market. The sales of this software have resulted in it becoming the leading solution provider to school districts in Pennsylvania. We saw an opportunity to package this software and spin off an ISV company to market it through a network of Microsoft partners nationally.


We engaged AIM to develop the strategic business plan that will map out our direction. With its in depth knowledge of the ISV business, Microsoft and partners, AIM delivered an excellent practical and actionable plan that is our step by step roadmap for growing this new ISV company.” 


Andrew Fass

President, AVFconsulting


“We have been working with AIM’s Paul Solski as part of Enterprise-Ireland’s Market Acceleration program and I have to say that his contribution has been invaluable to us.


Paul knows the Microsoft organization and the US ISV landscape intimately and this has been instrumental in helping us to become selected as one of the Microsoft Azure Building Blocks which will be marketed and sold worldwide by the Microsoft sales force. This is a key initiative for InishTech and is effectively a potential game changer for us as a company which I don’t believe would have been possible without Paul’s involvement.” 


Aidan Gallagher

CEO, InishTech



“Gridstore provides next generation storage grid solutions that enable small and medium businesses to meet their ever increasing storage and bandwidth capacity needs seamlessly and less expensively than traditional systems. We see an opportunity to address a gap in the market that exists between enterprise storage and standalone network attached storage (NAS) by building a Managed Services Provider partner channel that can displace traditional storage systems in tens of thousands of small and medium businesses.  


We needed to build a partner program that would enable us to rapidly ramp up the recruitment and activation of hundreds of partners while maintaining quality and consistency. At Enterprise Ireland’s recommendation, we turned to AIM to build the Gridstore Partner Program because of its demonstrated channel building experience and extensive knowledge of the Microsoft partner ecosystem.  


AIM helped us to develop the partner strategy, a multi-tier sales model, business terms and compelling partner messaging. The structure and consistency built into our partner program now provides us with the capability to recruit and active many partners without a substantial investment in offices and employees. AIM also researched the market and profiled over 4,500 potential partners. Consequently, we have been able to engage partners and customers more quickly and with better results. AIM did an excellent job.”  


Kelly Murphy

CEO, Gridstore Inc.



“Over the last 12 months, AIM has been our partner in business development for international ISVs coming into Asia.


Through our joint engagement we have found AIM to be an organization that embraces integrity and strives to create a win-win outcome. AIM’s worldwide contacts and expertise in building international channels is invaluable to our partnership. I recommend AIM’s services to any organization with international expansion plans.”


Nigel Baker

Executive Director, InBizConnect