"AIM built a tailored end-to-end plan that included the specific market opportunity by country for each of our solutions, pinpointing where our future growth will come from, developing the strategies and tactics to realize this growth and identifying partners with vertical market expertise to sell through internationally.” -Kathleen Regan, Microsoft Alliance Director, Invensys. Read more...

Business Strategy Planning for ISVs

A strategic business plan can enable your organization to chart the course for its success. Defining a vision and then breaking it down to actionable activities that individuals and groups across the organization and partners are responsible for can bring a unity of purpose that delivers results Our strategic planning framework consists of six developmental stages which together make up a complete executable plan. We can help your organization to work through each planning stage to reach agreement and then oversee its execution. 


               Where does the organization want to be?
               e.g. Market position, Revenues, Brand perception
                What must the organization succeed at?
                e.g. Grow Revenue %, Partner Commitment, Create customer preference
               How will the organization succeed?
               e.g. Expand Channels, Target Growing Verticals,
               Leverage Partnerships
              What will the organization do?
              e.g. VAR recruitment, Early Adopter Testimonials, Go-To-Market Campaigns
              Who and when will this be done?
              e.g. Activities, Deliverables, Cross organizational owners, Timeline
              Is the organization on track to succeed?
              e.g. Virtual team synchronization, Dashboards, Executive reviews
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