"AIM’s insights and experience proved to be a key source of value without which we simply could not have done this work ourselves. With AIM’s help, we are now reaching new partners with more credibility and greater professionalism. The results have exceeded our expectations.” -Jamie Lippay, CEO, Keyora Inc. Read more...

About Us

Industry Experience

AIM specializes in enabling software driven companies to expand your market reach, build partner channels and win new clients in targeted markets both domestically and internationally. We bring sales, marketing and general management expertise to you that is based on proven methodologies and best practices gained from over 25 years working in international markets at industry leading companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Intel.


Methodologies & Insights

Our structured methodologies enable you to achieve in weeks what would normally take months or even years. Our business insights help you to prevent strategic missteps by applying learning from numerous other clients who have dealt with similar challenges. Our market insights and research serve as a foundation for you to formulate more effective Go-To-Market strategies and make better informed investment decisions that can deliver faster growth while reducing risk.


Vertical Focus

Whether your solution is on-premise or in the cloud, a self-sufficient and pro-active industry focused partner channel can be the most effective way to accelerate your growth. We believe that you have specific business challenges arising from you industry focus and your solution needs to be marketed, sold and supported by partners who understand your clients’ business and can speak their language. Therefore, we build tailored partner programs that serve as the step-by-step guide to effectively recruit and activate reselling partners who can build a profitable practice around your solution.


Tailored Solutions

We believe that every client has a specific set of needs and that a generic approach will not satisfy. Therefore, we listen intently, analyze diligently and share learning extensively to tailor a solution that exclusively meets your needs.


Our Clients’ Say...

We invite you to take a look at how we have helped our clients who may have overcome similar challenges to yours on our testimonials page.