"We engaged AIM to develop our partner program to enable us to scale out our partner recruitment and activation at an accelerated rate with quality and professionalism. Applying its extensive channel building expertise and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft partners, AIM delivered outstanding results; providing us with the roadmap and tools to build a partner channel that has the industry knowledge, technical competency and motivation to grow our business." -Heidi Tucker, Vice President, Business Development, Hoover's, Inc. Read more...

Partner Channel Building



If you want to scale the sales of your software or services, partnering to co-sell or re-sell your solution may be the most effective way to achieve your goals. The challenge most software and services companies have is to find the right partners and present a business case that will compel them to invest in partnering with you.


We enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop pro-active and self-sufficient partner channels using our proven framework which consists of the following stages:



We develop your ideal partner profile for co-sell and re-sell partnering, use our tools to find the right partners with the expertise, industry knowledge, track record and installed base of clients that would be advantageous to you.



We Develop a compelling business case for partnering. The business case explains the opportunity you bring to partners, what is their potential return on investment, how it will make them more competitive and how to identify the clients they already have for incremental sales. We use personal contacts, the IAMCP community, social media and direct calling to qualify and recruit partners for you.



We define the roles and responsibilities of both parties in the partnership and ensure understanding of the required commitments. We ask partners to allocate resources to the partnership and set sales and marketing goals. We require partners to commit to sales and product training to become self-sufficient quickly.



For larger partners, we require them to develop a joint GTM that includes sales, marketing and services activities and agreed goals. To ramp up the new partnership, we offer to support partners in running short-term installed base sales campaigns which can be instrumental in building an opportunity pipeline in the first 30 days of the partnership.



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