"We engaged AIM International to build the Microsoft Cross-Border program. Utilizing its extensive international expansion and channel development experience, AIM has developed outstanding content that enables ISVs to assess their international expansion readiness and guides them with insights and best practices.” -Brett Shoemaker, Director, ISV Go-To-Market Services, Microsoft. Read more...

The Microsoft Global Expansion Program

Practical assistance for Microsoft Independent Software Vendors about when, where and how to expand into international markets.

If your company is a Microsoft ISV Partner considering international expansion, the Microsoft Global Expansion Program can help you to plan, prepare and execute your strategy more successfully, by providing practical guidance and assistance that are based on experience about what works - and what doesn't work.


Utilizing the experience gained from working with international ISVs of all sizes and foreign government export agencies, we have complied guides, assessments and services specifically designed for Microsoft ISVs to accelerate success in expanding into new markets.



The International Expansion Guide for ISVs uses best practices to recommend when, where and how an ISV should expand internationally. Topics include:

  • Preparation for international expansion
  • Assessing new market opportunity
  • Choosing where to expand to
  • Doing business in foreign countries
  • Choosing the right Go-To-Market strategy
  • Building a partner channel
  • Measuring success

Download: International Expansion Guide for ISVs



The International Expansion Readiness Self-Assessment asks you to rate your readiness on 43 most essential components that make up a complete approach. The components span the stages of:

  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Entering
  • Expanding

Download: International Expansion Readiness Self-Assessment


The Partnering Readiness Self-Assessment asks you to rate your readiness on 63 most essential components that make up a complete partnering approach. The components span the stages of:

  • Planning
  • Prospecting
  • Recruiting
  • Activating
  • Growing 

Download: Partnering Readiness Self-Assessment


Both assessments provide a summary of your current sate and identify areas with gaps that we recommend you address before proceeding. 



Professional Services For ISVs that meet Microsoft Go-To-Market Offer criteria. AIM International will provide tailored, individual assistance that will result in the development of a comprehensive international expansion approach together with international partner channel building assistance. This is an in-depth engagement that includes in-person workshops and Partner introductions by Microsoft.



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