"We engaged AIM to develop our partner program, identify potential partners and help us recruit an experienced partner manager. AIM used its proven methodologies to design a partner program tailored to our specific needs. AIM’s knowledge of Microsoft, its partners and how to position our solution has been invaluable and our new partners are giving us excellent feedback.” -Nick Sprau, VP Marketing, Metafile. Read more...

Partner Recruitment

Do you know which partners are going to be pro-active and self-sufficient in driving sales of your solution? Do you have a compelling business case for partners to build a practice around your solution? Have your partners allocated a sales executive that is goaled on selling your solution? Partner recruitment is all about quality, not quantity. To attract quality organizations to become your resellers, they need to understand the business case for partnering with you. We take care to approach the right partners that are most likely to succeed.


Our partner recruitment services are delivered in three stages:


1. Building the business case


Partners need to invest time, people and resources to build a practice around your solution. Therefore, we tailor your recruitment campaign by defining the ideal target client profile and research how many clients there are in the partners’ addressable market. We also build a three year partner return on investment model and define the market and business opportunity for them. We then build the messaging framework which defines your value propositions to the market, clients and partners. Finally, we pinpoint your competitive differentiation and how partners can use it to win new sales.


2. Evangelism and qualification


Armed with a compelling business case and crisp value propositions, we engage the partners that best fit your ideal partner profile in a new business opportunity conversation. We evangelize this opportunity until the partner recognizes its merits and expresses interest in becoming your reseller. We also qualify partners directly by interviewing them using the ideal partner profile. Typically, they need to have demonstrated expertise in the ability to reach the target clients, win and retain new clients and we ensure that are willing to invest people and resources to become certified to sell and support your solution. Once we are sure that they are high potential prospects, we orchestrate a meeting between their CXO and your partner manager. This service is delivered on a pay-for-performance basis, meaning that if you agree that we have introduced you to a quality partner then you would pay us a qualified introduction fee. If you do not accept the partner then no fee is payable. You can choose to end our services here and continue to the signed agreement yourself or you can retain us to continue on your behalf.


3. Agreement and activation


Once we have the partner agree that they want to pursue a partnership with you, we facilitate discussions between the two technical teams and product demonstrations. We step the partner through your partner program business terms and ensure they understand and agree to the expectation you have of them – including training requirements, allocating sale and pre-sales resources and agreeing to co-marketing. This leads to a signed reseller or a referral partner agreement. We then work through a joint business and marketing plan which charts the course for the partnership for the next 12 months. This service is also delivered on a pay-for-performance basis meaning that a recruitment fee is only payable when the signed agreement is executed.